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Instrument Exploration Camps

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Do you have a student that thinks they want to play music but doesn’t know which instrument? Or maybe you’ve heard about how music can help with other parts of development but aren’t sure how to get started. This Ted Brown Music Program has you covered!

Instrument Exploration Camps

School music programs are one of the best places for students to make life long friends, travel to places they may not otherwise get to see and develop a life-long skill. School music programs do not exist to create professional musicians, though that is where many start. These programs instead focus on creating safe and encouraging environments for students to constantly try new things and grow as individuals surrounded by a team of people who all depend on each other to get a job done. Sound familiar? Kind of like working adults in almost every profession right?

A quick internet search will show countless studies and personal testimonies showing increased proficiency in math, reading, listening and retention, as well as teamwork and leadership skills. Plumbers, mechanics, self-employed professionals of every field, celebrities, software developers and IT specialist, Fortune 500 CEOs and Presidents of the United States have all participated in school music.

If we’ve captured your attention and you’re now wondering how your child can get started and what instrument should they play, look no further than these Instrument Exploration Camps hosted by Ted Brown Music Outreach. Each camp focuses on one family of instruments, Brass, Woodwinds, Strings and Percussion. As important as school music programs are in building comradery and social skills, we understand it’s not for everyone. So in addition to these camps we also offer a keyboard camp which is a great primer into piano lessons.

More information about each camp can be found by clicking the images below, and when you’re ready, click the register button to sign up. Your child's musical journey is about to begin!


Ted Brown Music Outreach Woodwind Instrument Camp
June 28th through July 1st

String Camp 1

Ted Brown Music Outreach String Instrument Camp
July 5th through July 8th

String Camp 2

Ted Brown Music Outreach String Instrument Camp
August 2nd through August 5th


Ted Brown Music Outreach Brass Instrument Camp
July 12th through July 15th


Ted Brown Music Outreach Keyboard Camp
July 19th through July 22nd

Percussion Camp 1

Ted Brown Music Outreach Percussion Instrument Camp
July 19th through July 22nd

Percussion Camp 2

Ted Brown Music Outreach Percussion Instrument Camp
July 26th through July 29th