PreSonus HP4 HP9 Headphone Bundle

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Never have to share headphones again thanks to the PreSonus HD9/HP4 headphones amp and set of four headphones package.

The PreSonus HD9’s closed-back acoustic design creates the perfect listening environment with isolation and reduced bleed, allowing you too hear nothing but the mix.

This package also contains the PreSonus HP4 four channel headphone amp and distribution system. This amp was built to simplicity. It has individual headphone volume control for each channel, as well as a master volume and mute button. The back of the amp has individual Left and Right channel Line In/Line Out sections for for optimum expandability.

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*4 screaming-loud stereo headphone outputs *Level and Mono summing switch for each channel *Tailored frequency response (10 Hz - 26 kHz) *Closed back, circumaural acoustic design